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Forthcoming events

The event will discuss the impacts of COVID-19 in different aspects of the supply chain in the construction industry. We will discuss construction impacts such as labor shortage, social distancing among others and how damage calculation methods have been affected by COVID-19.

The event will discuss the types of PPAs used in LATAM region, how they work, how they have performed and what kinds of disputes have arisen among stakeholders as a result COVID. PPP’s are an essential tool for the collaboration of a government agency and a private sector company to finance large-scale infrastructure related projects. This tool is of importance for Latin American countries to promote economic development by expanding their current local infrastructure which has been greatly affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Panelists China Irwin, Nader Emile, Sean D. Yates, and Steven G. Shapiro will discuss the key issues of delay, disruption, and acceleration, how these issues are dealt with contractually, and the resulting cost implications.
Out of consideration of our panelists and members, and based upon feedback from those invited to speak, the SCLNA has decided to postpone our 2021 conference until July 6-8th 2022.  

Latest papers

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